Beer Name: Zuur Wit
Style: Sour Belgian Witbier
ABV: 7.9%
BU/GU: 19.7%

Zuur Wit is a sour belgian witbier. A very flavorful beer, this combines the sweet orange and slight spice of the familiar witbier with the extreme tartness and slight funkiness of sour beers, creating a complex elixer guarenteed to capture your attention.

Historically speaking, Zuur Wit is an accurate recreation of what early witbiers would have been. While many brewers go to great lengths to "prevent infection" of their beers, it is this very natural and organic process that creates this amazing flavor. By understanding and controlling what was previously considered undesirable process in the fermentation, Zuur Wit evolves into a highly refreshing, and still dangerously libatious, beverage.