Beer Name: The Pyre
Style: Belgian Barleywine
ABV: 12.6%
BU/GU: 19.7%

The Pyre is our signature beer, and with it, we try to capture all of the spirit of everything Phoenix Fire Brewing is all about.

We define The Pyre as a Belgian Barleywine, which is not an official beer style per the BJCP. This is in perfect keeping with our slogan of Something New From Something Old, and with a general mindset of bigger, bolder, better, belgian. This beer combines elements of traditional strong belgian ales and american baleywines into a unique and powerful drinking experience like none other. Powerful, sweet, complex, and highly effective, with very subtle hints of belgian essence, The Pyre is the best we have to offer.

In recognition of it's unique, hybrid nature and hard to classify personality, we are very proud to announce that in the 2013 Walk The Line For BarleyWine competition, The Pyre took First Place in the American Barleywine category, and Second Place in Best of Show.