Beer Name: Home for the Holidays
Style: Dark Strong Spiced Ale
ABV: 22%
BU/GU: 13%

Home for the Holidays is our biggest, baddest, most bodacious experiment to date.

A friend suggested we needed to make a special beer, dedicated to those wonderful family reunion trips where families get together and try to tolerate one another for several days. The only requirement was that the beer have an incredible high alcohol content.

We loved the idea, and immediately stepped up to the challenge. This beer is a dark belgian style ale, with an insane amount of malt and a very agrresive yeast. The malts are all chosen to provide a very sweet bready flavor, with hints of honey, and then the entire thing is aged on a small mountain of fresh apples. Made a year in advance and aged until the next holiday season rolls around, this beer is packaged in small bottles, and sharing is still highly recommended!