Fermenter # 1 -- Sour Belgian Tripple. This was supposed to be a straight up Belgian Tripple, but something went a little sideways, and near the end of fermentation, it developed a very sour apple flavor. Thinking it may have been diacetyl, I pulled it out of the fermentation fridge to let the yeast really go to work on it. Then, it developed a pellicle, a sure sign of infection. The good news is the flavor is good and getting better, so now we are just letting mother nature do her thing. Check back next month!

Fermenter # 2 -- Road Warrior IPA. This is a full bodied bold citrusy IPA being brewed especially for the Hops for Heroes beer fest.

Fermenter # 3 -- More Road Warrior IPA. Yeah, it really is that good.

Fermenter # 4 (and 5) -- Tart Scarlett, a Berlinerweise aging on dark cherries.

Cold Crashing -- At the moment, Road Warrior IPA.