We will constantly be trying new styles, new recipes, and new processes. We will use this page to document the results of those experiements. Some of them will be one time things, some will ultimately evolve into part of our regular lineup. So check back often, and keep up with the fun... and if you have ideas or recomendations for new stuff to try, by all means, let us know!

We currently have the following wild experiments under way...

Tart Scarlet, from Gone with the Wort
This is a Berlinerwiesse aging on dark cherries. This is a pretty straight up sour for us, with the addition of cherries much like we do for our Oud Broun, so there is nothing that terribly wild about it... except, since we do naturally soured mashes, any sour is always an experiement to some degree, and it is a flavor combination we have not seen yet, so we are pretty excited about it. We are also thrilled that this was brewed by Jill Castle, aka Nilla Bean, our first guest brewer, and assisted by Sandy, making this our first All Ladies Brew Day beverage. With all that going for it, what could possibly go wrong?