2015 Jan 5

Hops for Heroes

Phoenix Fire Brewing is proud to support The Road Warrior Foundation at the upcoming Hops for Heroes event at The Brewers Tasting Room.

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2014 Nov 1

Garden Nectar at Brewers Tasting Room

The chance to brew one of my own beers in a commercial setting, with commercial equipment, was an awesome experience. Many thanks to Rick Wolfe of Brewers Tasting Room, and Brian Cendrowski of CroxBone Brewing, for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

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2014 Aug 4

The Great Yeast Harvest

As with almost everything in life, just doing a thing makes you realize it was never really all that scary or difficult to begin with.

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2014 Jun 24

Sandy's First Medal

How sour beers have changed our lives.

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2014 Jun 23

7th Day Apocalypse at The Beer Project

The Beer, The Day, The Legend

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2014 Jun 12

Welcome to our Grand Opening

Welcome to our long awaited grand opening!

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