Belgians have always been my passion. My very first beer was supposed to have been a Canadian Lager, but I immediately Googled and figured out how to turn it into a Belgian Dubble. I suppose it was actually a pretty bad Dubble, but it was my first and I was hooked.

The first serious book I read on brewing was "Brew Like A Monk", and it has shaped much of what I do. Now I go out of my way to learn about proper yeast, temperature profiles, mashing schedules, and the proper use of sugar in beer making... all keys to honoring the amazing heritage that is belgian beers.

Belgians were originally brewed by monks in the monastary, as sustenance during fasting. They knew they needed a high calorie content, and learned that adding lots of grain gave them that. But lots of grain made thick beers, more like stouts. Who wants to drink that for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 days? Then they figured out that adding lots of sugar thins the beer out but keeps the calorie content high... and, bonus, extra alcohol!! Add to that the amazing yeasts that were native to the region, and you have a selection of beers that truly represents bliss in a bottle.